Jessica Rutland, Public Relations Specialist, DynaFire, Inc.

Heather Lyles is a fantastic resource for any company looking for agency-level work without the stuffiness and overcommitment of resources. She offers a broad range of skills and keeps the conversation authentic. If you need a full campaign or simply a few hours a month, you can depend on her to be budget conscious and treat both with equal excitement and focus. Heather not only customizes her offerings to fit your personal needs, but she will also give you as much or as little education as you desire. When I needed her to take the reigns and handle everything, she did. When I wanted to be more knowledgeable about what my company contracted her to do, she’d spend 40+ minutes talking me through it. Her skills speak for themselves, but the real difference is the person. She is genuinely excited by her work and it shows in everything she does.