How To Drive Web Traffic With No Brand Recognition

One of the major challenges for small businesses and startups is that no one knows their name. Lack of brand awareness leads to a lack of direct traffic, or traffic through branded paid search efforts. Driving traffic via the display network often can be the only way to get customers to your website when you have little to no brand awareness.

Here are some tips on how to squeeze the most out of your display advertising campaigns if you happen to find yourself stuck in this situation, or just looking to build additional brand awareness!

Focus On Real KPIs, Not Vanity Metrics
Display network advertising is alluring to businesses because it looks like a cheaper alternative to paid search and other forms of advertising. It sounds flashy to know your logo was seen thousands of times, sometimes for free if you’re paying per click. It’s important to look at your display network strategy holistically. Don’t get so caught up in the vanity of the number of impressions or the number of clicks. Rather, focus on the actual return on investment. Analyze the revenue driven by your display advertisements. After all, you can very easily spend $1000 on display advertisements and not drive a single sale.

Use Campaign-Level Audiences
Looking to target men and women in different age groups and on different continents in-market for your product, and want to spend more on certain areas than others? Using Audiences focused at the campaign level is going to allow you to control the budget, the location, and the message easily in one silo. It also allows you to easily shift budget dollars around to audience segments that are higher performing. It might seem like extra work on the front end, but using a tool like Google Ads Editor will make duplicating campaigns quick and painless.

Use Customer Match & Remarketing
If you happen to have a database of customer information, like email addresses, you might have the option to upload this list and target. There are some thresholds however. Read more about the latest in Google Ads update here. If you do not meet the threshold for Customer Match but you have a Remarketing audience set up, you can work around this. Remarketing will allow you to show your message to consumers who have interacted with your brand before, like a previous website visit.

Use Similar Audiences
Similar audiences are consumers targeted based off of people who have interacted with your website. In short, is the best of both worlds from the previous two tips about this. Look-alike audiences use artificial intelligence to build your ideal customer segment. Like anything involving AI, there’s going to be a little bit of a numbers game involved. The Artificial Intelligence needs to have enough data to analyze in order to craft similar audiences. However, once that process is completed, you now will have access to people who have no idea about your brand but are similar to people who have interacted with your brand before. These people, in theory, will be more likely to purchase solely from being shown an ad.